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Welcome to an IT company that works only in relation to Internet users' needs and does it so well that millions of people in the whole world could not imagine living without Red Sky's products.

With Red Sky everyone can do more

sky is the limit

Perfect team, ambitious projects, courageous solutions. Every day we create and develop global services. There is no such a country where Red Sky’s products remain unused.


Each member of the team of over a hundred employees brings unique value to projects and work atmosphere in the company. We are continually searching for inspiring ideas, solutions being ahead of time, and people with passion. Nothing is impossible – sky is the limit.

Our treasures

Great – small history of the company

Red Sky LLC. was established in 2007 by two young programmers from Szczecin, Poland: Arkadiusz Seńko and Maciej Zawisza de Sulima.

Poland and the world got acquainted with the two visionaries in 2009 when their website FilesTube.com burst onto the 87th position* on the list of one hundred most often visited websites on the Internet. Since then, the steps have been taken to develop this project and many others that all are supposed to revolutionise the world wide web. Red Sky partnership employs over 100 specialists currently working in four branches both in Poland and Moldova.

Over 130 million** unique users visit websites created by Red Sky every month.

We invest in the greatest

Not only does Red Sky create new websites from the very beginning but it also invests and develops those already operating on the net. Examples of some recent investments are as follows: grono.net, bebzol.com, finansosfera.pl, bezokularow.pl, and many others.

We support brilliant ideas

From 2010 Red Sky has been a co-organiser of the international competition Global Startup Challenge. Finalists, who emerge from applications sent from all around the world, under the supervision of Red Sky specialists, spend couple of months on creating innovative Internet applications. Successful projects get the financial support of 200,000 euros and their application is promoted using tools that are daily used to promote Red Sky’s websites.

*source: Google Ad Planner, **source: Google Analytics

Join the team

We cooperate with

Department of Computer Science at West-Pomeranian University of Technology
Department of Computer Science at Wroclaw University of Technology

We look for people with passion who are willing to change the world.

Feel invited to follow our new job offers and send your CV to the address: rekrutacja@red-sky.pl. Please insert the position you would like to apply for with the city in the subject line.

Currently we are looking for

Hello, is there any party?

Red Sky is far more than a companySomething to eat, drink and a great idea! – once a month we let our imagination free. During so called "Loose Fridays" various things happen!
Lately we have trained accurateness during the shooting tournament – five kinds of weapon, stable and running targets – pure adrenalin.
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Paparazzi stuff

You can know more

On your right there are materials to be downloaded and publications about Red Sky's activity. We hope you will find them useful in receiving necessary information and helpful in your work.

If you require any further information, please contact us.


Below please find the material about Red Sky LLC. for publication.

Our secret bases

Szczecin HQ

Red Sky LLC
Al. Piastów 22
71-064 Szczecin
NIP: 642-268-36-51

tel: +48 91 886 91 26
tel: +48 696 934 046

Warsaw branch

Red Sky LLC
ul. Edwarda Jelinka 32
01-646 Warszawa

Wroclaw branch

Red Sky LLC
ul. Sokolnicza 5/36
53-676 Wrocław

tel: +48 71 722 50 70

Moldova branch

Red Sky SRL
Stefan cel Mare 202
MD-2004 Chișinău, Moldova